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If I wasn’t helping others with Digital Marketing, I’d do it for free.  I do it it because I love it. I’ve been inspired by designs I see every moment of the day, and always look around for trends, colours and designs. Throughout my career I have learned how to listen to people, work hard and never stop until the job is done.

I use my technology background to good effect. When I started web design & development, my technology background in I.T. was very useful and now I could add to those skills with design work.

Put it all together and that’s what makes me a great web designer. I think through the purpose of a website, use my design skill to make it look great and use my tech skill to bring it to life. All while using best practices to make sure it functions well and keeps your business safe online.

When I work, I love nothing more than helping people bring their business to life in their website.


What makes me better than the other options around?


I want to know what you like, and what you see that your business needs. Too many designers come in loaded with assumptions. They try to impose their own style, or steer you towards for a more expensive site. This is your business, your brand, and your site. I’ll ask the right questions, make suggestions and work up a design with you.


I’m really passionate about what I do, and that comes through in my work. I only take on projects where I can see a potential to do great work. It’s more than just another job. When I’m all in, I’m more creative, and the sites reap the benefits.


I’ve spent years building my skills and keeping up with best practices in web design and security. I continue to study as things change. Other designers will just build a site that looks good on the surface, but leaves you open to being hacked. I’ll build you a site that looks great AND stays secure.


After your site is built, I won’t run away. I offer ongoing maintenance, to make sure your site stays in good shape. I offer maintenance packages if you think you’ll need regular help, but I’m also up for a quick phone call.

I get a real “buzz” when I have helped someone reach their goal and not just do as I recommend, but understand why they have done it. After all, if you want to replicate goal success, you have to understand why and how you achieved it, otherwise, you cannot grow and achieve real success.

I do not have any agenda, I simply love what I do, and helping individuals and businesses both provide me with a sense of achievement and spread the word that technology can be your friend, if someone has the time to explain the concepts and help you grow, and not just about making money.

Now you have taken a few minutes to read about me, and why I do what I do, why not contact me to see if I can help you with your digital marketing goals. You may finally start receiving some benefits and return on the investment you have already paid for, and better still, understand it and be able to manage it yourself.

You can hire me to review your Digital Marketing position, and bring your business up to date so you can benefit from all the digital platforms.

I can either create a full spread of digital marketing platforms or update your existing set ups to provide a consistent high quality look and feel to your on-line presence.

If your Facebook is in a flop, your Twitter is in a tiz, or people yawn at your YouTube, contact me today and we can make a start on making your digital marketing dazzle.

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