Scyron Limited

Software House

I.T. Support Engineer

October 2008 – October 2010

Job Description

Scyron created easy to use software to assist with video retrieval (VHS2AVI/smart extractor), CCTV video analysis (Video Inspector), masking (mosaic) and presentation (multimedia presenter) and are at the core of Scyron`s video management solutions.

The solutions are being used daily by police forces, including Technical Support Units (TSU), Major Investigation Units (MIU), Counter Terrorism Units (CTU), Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), and Overt and Covert Surveillance Teams.

Scyron designed all its products and solutions around the customers’ needs and processes.  The process is to visit our customers and actually review their procedures. Rather than present a product they have to “fit” into their procedures, the product is written around them to remove as much of the problem areas as possible.

This is a continuous process when new features are added. Our customers have direct input into what goes into the product, how it will be used, and often how it will look and feel.

From initial intelligence gathering to final criminal conviction, policing and security activity is increasingly becoming a single, end-to-end process.

Where previously different units at different stages in the process – whether intelligent surveillance, intelligent video analytics or digital evidence management and evidence presentation – often worked in isolation from each other, we are moving to a more integrated approach.

Scyron provide a comprehensive solutions platform for every stage of your video footage cycle.


    DARC vision C300 / DARC vision S400 / DARC link


    Smart Extractor / VHS2AVI


    Video Inspector / Mask


    Multimedia Manager / Mobile Video Manager / Volume Crime


    Multimedia Presenter

Role Responsibilities

  • Manage and supported all internal IT infrastructure / IP phone system
  • Rolled out and supported of customer deployments
  • Responsible of company solutions prior to rollout and deployment
  • Supported Website design and development
  • Designed and deployed security strategies, backup solutions, remote and mobile working environment support
  • Customer facing role responsibilities, training / technical / end user support
  • Responsible for research / procurement / supply chain of I.T equipment
  • Enrolled business in Microsoft Partner Program & Maintaining eligibility
  • Redesign & Development of internal I.T Infrastructure
  • LAN / WAN / WIFI / 3G Communication Support
  • Solution design / deployment / training of customers
  • Technical Support for Windows, Exchange, SQL Servers
  • Internal Desktop, Application and End User Support (25 users)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line Support (Internal / External)
  • Application Deployment – DEMON product range (Detect / Edit / Extract / Present / Manager / Enterprise Manager)
  • Server / Workstation build & deployment / installation / training
  • Windows Server Administration – Active Directory, Group Policy, Server Management, Backups, Disaster Recovery
  • Server, Switch & UPS Management
  • VPN / Remote User Support
  • Configuration / Deployment of Rack Mounted Solutions to Police Counter Terrorist Units
  • MOD SC Security Cleared
  • Key member of product design team (hardware / software)
  • Responsible for pre-post sales marketing materials – flyers, datasheets etc
  • Exhibition stand and artwork design, and stand layouts
  • Client data capture as part of sales support role
  • Sales support from initial contact to solution delivery
  • Software licence management
  • Writing and development of software manuals


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line IT Support
  • Customer installations and roll out
  • Internal IT Support, Backups, Disaster Recovery
  • Technical Support – Windows / SQL Server
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • Writing & Development of software manuals
  • Software licence management