SGL Carbon

Carbon Graphite Manufacturer

Priory House
Bleachfield Street
B49 5BB


November 1999 – April 2001

Job Description

SGL Group – The Carbon Company, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of carbon-based products.

We have an in-depth materials, production, applications and engineering expertise, a comprehensive graphite and carbon fibre based product portfolio, and an integrated value chain from carbon fibres to composites. We operate close to our customers through a global sales network and state-of-the-art production sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

Role Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all Information Technology on local site and two satellite offices (Alcester / London / Leeds)
  • Support of Windows NT 4.0 Network & NT4 / 98SE Workstations
  • Systems analysis, configuration, support, user & management training
  • Windows 95, 98SE, NT Workstation, NT Server, Exchange Server 5.5, Proxy
  • Global Database Management & Maintenance, WAN Communications
  • 3 UK Site(s) Installation / Configuration & Support ( LAN / WAN )
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Procedures Developed & Implemented
  • Global System Re-Installation / Upgrade / Re-configuration
  • Network Diagnosis, Hubs / Router, RAS Configuration, Reconfiguration
  • Payroll / Time & Attendance troubleshooting & Support
  • Links to Bank ( Natwest Bankline / Lloyds Link ) Installation & Support
  • FileMaker Installation & Support ( Upgrade to 32Bit )
  • Global System Upgrade 32Bit & Database Upgrade to BTrieve
  • ODBC Support for Global System ( Swtools )


  • Server and Workstation Administration
  • Database Management
  • 3 Remote site support


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Professional

While I was working at Elisabeth the Chef, I was contact by another of Universal Micro Systems top clients – SGL Carbon, who informed me of a position of I.S. Site Manager and suggested I come for an interview.

I attended an interview and compared the oportunity for growth with my current position. While I enjoyed working for Elisabeth the Chef, the potential for growth was minimal and continual interference from the finance department was starting to reduce my enjoyment working here.

I applied for the position at SGL Carbon and was offered the position at the end of my interview. As I had supported this client while working for Universal Micro Systems, I already knew the sites, the infrastructure etc as I was the engineer who designed and implemented it.

I quickly grew into this role, and implemented further upgrades and added to my technical skills.

I wanted to offer more to my role, so I self funded my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer qualification while working full time. I would complete my daily duties at work and then go home to start around 4 hours of study per night until I had passed all my exams.

Completing the courses and exams took me 12 months, but I had aquired a lot of knowledge and skills with Microsoft server and workstations and was finally qualified.

Froude Consine Limited

Mechanical Engineering Company


September 1989 - December 1994

Job Description

Froude Consine designed, developed and distributed Dynamometers to industries who needed to calibrate their engines ranging from the car industry to air craft carriers.

Role Responsibilities


  • Overnight tape backups
  • Line printer maintenance
  • Terminal Installation
  • Training
  • Desktop publishing
  • User training
  • Programming



  • Computer Programming (COBOL / REXX)
  • Mainframe Maintenance
  • PC / Printer Maintenance
  • User Training
  • UI Development