Elisabeth the Chef

Bakery Goods Manufacturer

5 Beaconsfield Street West
Leamington Spa


October 1998 – October 1999

Job Description

Elisabeth the Chef created bakery goods for the top 4 supermarkets (ASDA, Sainsburys, Morrisons & Tesco).

They took over Broadheath Foods to increase their market share and offerings.

My role included support for the BOS system supplied by UMS, and the support of multiple sites over LAN and WAN via CAT5 and ISDN. User support was provided for the mixture of Netware and Microsoft solutions.

Role Responsibilities

  • Maintaining Global (BOS) Network (Cat5 Ethernet)
  • System Development, Material Requirement Planning / Telecommunication
  • Backup Procedures Developed / Implemented
  • Personal Computer Systems Development
  • Procedures Drafted / Implemented / Virus Protection
  • P.C. Backup Procedures Developed / Implemented
  • Training – Global / Personal Computer Applications ( Microsoft Office suite / Lotus SmartSuite )
  • Email Implementation ( Exchange 5.5 )
  • Year 2000 Audit, Systems Redevelopment
  • Network Disaster Recovery Systems Implemented
  • Responsible for administrating Novell WAN network
  • Database Management / Maintenance
  • Systems Analysis, Configuration, Support


  • BOS Operating System
  • Backups
  • Training
  • Email
  • Disaster Recovery

While working for Universal Micro Systems, it included the support for three of their largest clients: Broadheath Foods, Elisabeth the Chef and SGL Carbon.

During one of my support visits, the group I.T. manager informed me of an opening for a network manager position, and suggested I apply for the position.

This role offered much more than a pay increase, as it would allow me to return home and work locally and also to work for a small number of businesses (3 sites) compared to over 200 working for Universal Micro Systems. They offered a very attractive package, so I applied for the post and was accepted.

I worked very closely with Ken Wood, the group I.T. Manager and we ran the I.T. together with Ken supporting the Leamington Spa site, while I supported the Worcester site. We would collaborate on joint projects which included the implementation of an NT4 server at Leamington running Exchange for our companies email solution.

At this point of my career, I still had no training or qualification, so had to implement these technical solutions by working it out on my own. There was also no internet such as today to learn from as internet speeds were still very slow.

We also linked the sites solution together with leased lines so we had one central computer system.

Froude Consine Limited

Mechanical Engineering Company


September 1989 - December 1994

Job Description

Froude Consine designed, developed and distributed Dynamometers to industries who needed to calibrate their engines ranging from the car industry to air craft carriers.

Role Responsibilities


  • Overnight tape backups
  • Line printer maintenance
  • Terminal Installation
  • Training
  • Desktop publishing
  • User training
  • Programming



  • Computer Programming (COBOL / REXX)
  • Mainframe Maintenance
  • PC / Printer Maintenance
  • User Training
  • UI Development