Network Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Specialists

No 2 Golden Cross
220 Chester Street
B6 4AH


May 2001 – February 2004

Job Description

Network Disaster Recovery provided 24/7 recovery services for businesses across the UK. The process involved the testing of backup processes and restoring backups onto dissimilar hardware to test that the backup had been successful.

Customer tests were carried out periodically to ensure that the site could be recovered in the event of a disaster. The company provided an array of solutions from replacement hardware to fully managed buildings and mobile computer rooms.

The business have been acquired several times since being known as NDR (Network Disaster Recovery), and is now known as Daisy.

Role Responsibilities

  • Customer facing role
  • On call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Recovery of customer operating systems and data onto Compaq / Hewlett Packard Hardware
  • Consultancy service / Business Continuity Solutions
  • Disaster recovery testing of client networks both at NDR offices and customer locations throughout the United Kingdom
  • Disaster recovery testing using mobile disaster recovery vehicles
  • Disaster recovery of all Windows Operating systems, and applications to include
    NT4, Win2k, Win2k3, Active Directory, SQL, and Exchange, Lotus Notes
  • Project management
  • Ghost server, Setup & Deployment (Workstations and Servers)
  • Deployment of workstation images via multicast technology over Local Area Network
  • Installation / Setup / Configuration of Internal Network (Network Management)
  • Experienced with Compaq / Dell / IBM hardware
  • Disaster Recovery Testing / Invocations supporting over 1500 International Customers


  • Disaster Recovery
  • Ghost Server & Workstation
  • Technical Support
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Workstation
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server

Following my redundancy from SGL Carbon, I applied for this position of Senior Customer Support Engineer. I was not confident of getting this position as I had limited disaster recovery experience, although I had recovered workstations and servers using their propriety solutions when required.

I had no experience in recovering systems on dissimilar hardware which was NDR’s usp, but having recently qualified as an MCSE, and having the skills and experience in customer support I was offered the position.

This was one of my faviourite positions I had held up to this point. It was challenging, but most of all, I got to work with technical experts for the first time in my career. Every engineer in the team had different skills and experience which was a huge plus for me as I could learn so much and so quickly from my team mates.

I quickly learned all the techniques for my role and added them to my customer service experience and quickly became a client favourite as I could offer both hard and soft skills during the disaster recovery tests.

In addition to my position requirements I also undertook internal tasks such as upgrading the telesales department equipment to improve efficency, and later on research and development of more efficent ways to deply DR servers and workstations on mass.

I implemented a solution using Ghost to rollout server and workstation systems in minutes at our Bristol DR centre, as well as the setup of testing rooms prior to DR tests.

Froude Consine Limited

Mechanical Engineering Company


September 1989 - December 1994

Job Description

Froude Consine designed, developed and distributed Dynamometers to industries who needed to calibrate their engines ranging from the car industry to air craft carriers.

Role Responsibilities


  • Overnight tape backups
  • Line printer maintenance
  • Terminal Installation
  • Training
  • Desktop publishing
  • User training
  • Programming



  • Computer Programming (COBOL / REXX)
  • Mainframe Maintenance
  • PC / Printer Maintenance
  • User Training
  • UI Development