Summary of experience.

Technical and personal skills in perfect harmony

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about ME

I have over 25 years technical and customer service experience. I feel the most important point I could make would be that most of my skills and experience are SELF TAUGHT.

I have taken courses and passed the relevant exams in order to remain up to date and employable, but the over all fact is that I have continually invested in myself in both training and equipment.

My History

I have spent many thousands of pounds gaining my certifications over the years, and even more hours reading, experimenting and training myself to become the person I am today.

I have never forgotten my roots and how I felt before I got really involved in technology. My history covered the birth of technology from the late 1980’s, so I have seen so many amazing technology leaps, and still find it as interesting today as when I started over 25 years ago.

Innovative in the moment

Taking the lead from everyday things and combining them
with current trends and keeping ahead of the curve
to connect with your audience.

Think it Imagine it Create it

MY values

I feel that the simple way is always the right way, and your first thought or idea was the right one.

Keeping it simple is the key to great designs and connecting with your target market.

Never oversell, or provide services that you do not need.

Go extreme. There’s no turning back.

Digital Marketing can be a bit overwhelming, but with the right guidence and hard work, you will quickly see your hard work paying off.

Its important to identify what will work for your customer and not just add channels becuase everyeone else does.

A job worth doing is worth doing RIGHT

A team above all. Above all a team.
Russell Ventura

Russell Ventura

Managing Director

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Listening to your needs and goals is the most important step in a successfull outcome.

I do not come with pre-conceived ideas or templates. My work is based on your needs and goals and you will receive a bespoke solution.


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