Curriculum Vitae





I am a versatile professional with a proven track record of delivering impressive results. I am skilled in identifying and meeting the needs of the business, and I constantly seek new ways to improve my skills and experience. My ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders and simplify complex concepts makes me well-suited to quickly understand and exceed their expectations.


I am a proactive and highly skilled individual, with a strong ability to quickly adapt to new environments and make a positive impact. My technical and social skills, along with my problem-solving abilities, outgoing personality, and attention to detail, enable me to excel in a large variety of roles. I am flexible, efficient, and have good people management skills. I can communicate effectively and present information clearly within given timelines.

I have experience in photography, web design, graphic design, Google Analytics, SEO, PPC, marketing collateral, blogging, and social media which allows me to provide comprehensive digital solutions for businesses to stay competitive in the digital world.

I have a broad range of experience working with businesses of all sizes and enjoy building strong customer relationships.


Elgar High School, Worcester 8 O’Levels

I hold several CPD Accredited Diplomas in various fields including Digital Marketing, Blogging and Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management, Photoshop, Lightroom, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Photography & Graphic Design.

I am Google Certified in Digital Marketing and have experience in managing SEO and PPC accounts.


In my free time, I engage in various hobbies such as watching TV and movies, following Formula 1, listening to music, reading books, and playing the piano. I also enjoy participating in physical activities such as swimming, playing snooker, golf, and taking walks with my German shepherd-husky dog named Poppy. I also enjoy a keen interest in smart home technology via Home Assistant in conjunction with energy management solutions to reduce our energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.


I am a highly motivated and dedicated to producing high quality output in all aspects of my work. I am punctual, outgoing, and able to thrive in diverse situations. I aim to use my skills to make a meaningful impact in the workplace and to collaborate effectively both independently and as part of a team.


Available on request



(April 2023 - August 2023)

Digital Marketing Specialist

My work at Infinity Digital Marketing Agency focused on website design and development of several client sites as well as working on client tenders by creating Figma design proposals for potential clients.

Working with a small team, I improved my design & communication skills and enjoyed positive feedback from clients when design updates and migration projects were approved. I improved on my Elementor, WooCommerce and ACF skills and gained valuable experience in the following areas: 

  • Working with CMS’s and CRM’s such as WordPress and HubSpot.
  • Time management using Asana and Ever Hour.
  • Team communication via Microsoft Teams.
  • Redesigned & redeveloped client’s websites with Elementor & WordPress.
  • Migration from client solution (WPBakery) to Elementor using best practices.
  • Developing migration processes using staging site technologies.
  • Attending client shoot days capturing photographs & video for use in client projects.
  • Video editing with Cap Cut to create engaging videos and b-roll footage.
  • Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Canva on client projects.
  • Redeveloped Infinity’s website design to be more engaging and UX/UI friendly.


(June 2016 - March 2023)

Digital Marketing Consultant -

Working around family care requirements, I worked freelance as a digital marketing professional with a wide range of experience in services such as SEO, PPC, analytics, web design, and photography.

I create websites using the Divi page builder built on the WordPress CMS along with software developer experience to improve UX/UI experience for my clients. I am constantly seeking opportunities to improve my skills and experience through ongoing education and training in digital marketing.


(February 2016 - May 2016)

Digital Marketing Executive

I utilised various Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to enhance the client’s website performance in their target market. This process began with an in-depth analysis of the website’s current performance, followed by the creation of a plan to optimize the website’s setup to achieve the best results on Google’s search engine.

My role was divided into two main areas: the first was managing a portfolio of client accounts, including developing plans and coordinating remote meetings. The second area was providing support to the account management team by executing tasks necessary for each account manager’s monthly plan. On average, I managed 10 clients and completed more than 60 SEO tasks per month.

Role Responsibilities:

• I performed an analysis of client and competitor website performance utilising tools such as SEMrush, Majestic, and bespoke internal systems for research.
• I carried out keyword research for client websites and was responsible for submitting the results to clients, ordering copy and uploading and interlinking the provided content to the client website.
• I evaluated the backlink performance of client websites, created relevant content, and linked to specific web pages.
• I wrote briefs for copywriters and was responsible for uploading the content they provided and implementing interlinking on the client website.
• I developed plans for the creation of client websites, which included site plans, reviewing, and improving website structure.
• I executed on-page website optimization for clients, which included editing elements such as Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags, among others.
• I executed off-page website optimization for clients, which included activities such as building backlinks and utilizing social media.
• I carried out live updates on websites using content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and OpenCart.
• I utilized Google tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords, Page Performance, and Mobile Testing to create website analytics data.
• I implemented schema markups to enhance website visibility on Google search engine results.


(June 2014 - October 2015)

Digital Marketing Manager

I conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s digital performance and online presence, and developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included a complete redesign of the company’s websites and updates to social media platforms.

Through the implementation of this strategy and management of PPC and SEO campaigns, the company experienced a significant increase in online enquiries, with a 187% increase compared to the previous year. Furthermore, this approach yielded a sales pipeline between £1m and £2m from June 2014 to October 2015.

The strategy’s success was due to my ability to effectively target the right traffic, increase visitor engagement and relevance, and generate high-value enquiries. This approach was particularly effective as a standalone sales channel as the business did not have any sales staff and decided to focus on a digital-only approach.

Key Achievements:

• I was responsible for designing and developing the company’s two standalone business websites ( and
• As a result of my efforts on the Adglow website, I was able to achieve a 20% increase in visitors, 45% increase in page views, 17% decrease in bounce rate, and a 35% increase in visit duration.
• Through my efforts on the Adinstall website, I was able to achieve a 13% increase in visitors, 68% increase in page views, 25% decrease in bounce rate, and a 206% increase in visit duration.
• I implemented positive strategies to drive online traffic to the company websites.
• I improved conversion rates via analytics and making improvements to the website.
• I compiled analytical data to investigate trends, performance, and ROI.
• I designed, built, and maintained mobile versions of the business website to comply with the latest google updates.
• I managed Pay Per Click (AdWords) and SEO campaigns.
• I measured and created monthly performance reports of all digital marketing campaigns to assess against goals.
• I improved the visitor’s U/X via design & content of the company websites.
• I implemented forensic analysis solution to monitor who visited the websites.
• I identified trends and insights and optimized spend and performance based on the insights.
• I provided high quality product photos and videos for promotional use on the company’s websites.
• I authored blog entries to promote the business and drive traffic to our websites.
• I authored hard copy marketing & sales materials (product brochures & flyers).
• I established and maintained social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Key Skills and Competencies:

• I analysed websites using various tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and third-party analytics applications.
• I created digital and print marketing materials (brochures & flyers) using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to promote the business.
• I developed website designs and functional versions of the company’s websites using Wix, Adobe Muse, and WordPress.
• I managed pay per click (PPC) accounts (Google AdWords).
• I managed search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns.
• I managed forensic data capture and reviewing website visitor information.
• I compiled monthly reports of digital marketing performance against targets using analytical data.


(October 2010 - April 2014)

I.T. Engineer / Sales & Marketing Support

As a member of Scyron, I was in charge of providing customer sales and marketing support to the business & conducting research and consulting on marketing campaigns. This included planning and executing key strategic initiatives while ensuring their successful delivery and measuring results.

Key Achievements:

• I led a team of external web developers in redesigning our corporate and microsites, providing all necessary copy, and conducting a full review of existing content, including search engine optimization (SEO).
• I established and managed the company’s WordPress blog, Twitter account, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn presence.
• I conducted monthly evaluations of Google Analytics data to assess the performance of our newly developed website.
• I was responsible for designing and project managing a corporate exhibition stand that was used at events such as HOSDB, Security and Policing, and the Anti-Terrorism Technical Support Unit exhibitions during the last 4 years.
• I created all marketing materials, including flyers, promotional items, and product directories, as well as designing the layout, concept, and technical demonstrations for the exhibition stand.
• I provided feedback from clients to the software development team on features, updates, and improvements to the company’s software platforms.
• I performed and created testing solutions for hardware and software and was responsible for final approval before deployment.
• I developed all documentation, including user manuals and training guides from writing, designing, and presenting. This also included creating ISO documentation.
• I was responsible for managing customer relationships, including providing technical support, training, and ensuring pre and post-sales support.
• I conducted thorough research and gathered intelligence on competitor products and industry trends.
• I was responsible for managing daily activities related to public relations and actively sought out relevant PR opportunities.
• I established partnerships and relationships with third parties, including resellers and distributors, and identified key marketing opportunities.
• I tracked and reported to senior managers on the performance of digital strategies and marketing campaigns.

Key Skills and Competencies:

• I executed successful marketing campaigns for the website & micro sites.
• I developed strong leadership and consensus building skills.
• I can quickly comprehend customer needs and provide timely and cost-effective solutions.
• I attended exhibitions in the role of technical support, pre-sales, and marketing.
• I developed web solutions using CMS Joomla, WordPress and Wix.
• I developed skills and experience with PHP and CSS including diagnosis and amendments.
• I honed my skills and gained experience using Adobe products such as Photoshop, Premier, and Lightroom.
• I provided training at a train-the-trainer level but also included the flexibility to adjust course materials to suit different target audiences.
• I developed web solutions designs from concept to final product.
• I have excellent communication skills and an ability to quickly understand customers’ concepts and requirements and translate them into functional designs.
• I have extensive experience in project and task management.
• I gained valuable experience in working with a diverse range of internal and external clients.
• I have experience in rewriting complex technical concepts into user-friendly language, tailored to the target audience.
• I have experience in quickly creating working website design concepts to aid in sales efforts and assist potential customers.


(October 2008 - October 2010)

I.T. Support Engineer

I was responsible for designing and overseeing the company’s IT infrastructure, while also ensuring that high-quality customer support was provided to both internal and external clients. This role required me to handle multiple responsibilities and maintain a high level of service for all customers.

Key Achievements:

• I was responsible for redesigning the management and support of internal IT infrastructure / IP phone system improving efficiency and reducing downtime.
• I was responsible for roll out and the support of all customer deployments ensuring quality control and single point of contact.
• I redesigned and developed the company’s website and micro sites improving our digital footprint and increasing sales enquiries.
• I achieved enrolment in Microsoft partner program & maintaining eligibility.
• I was responsible for redesigning, developing, and implementing internal IT infrastructure, solution design, deployment, and training for customers ensuring solutions exceeded clients’ expectations.

Key Skills and Competencies

• I provided support for LAN, WAN, WIFI, and 3G communication to client sites.
• I provided support for Desktop, application, and end users to end users.
• I provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support for internal & external users.
• I provided VPN & remote access user support for client sites.
• I was responsible for the configuration & deployment of rack mounted solutions to police counter terrorist units to optimise solution performance.
• I was responsible for research, procurement & supply chain of I.T equipment to our client base reducing costs and improving profits.