Old school customer service for our digital world

Hi, I’m Russell Ventura 

I have always loved technology and with over 20 years experience, I enjoy helping people and businesses grow and making the most of their investment.

I use my skills to increase brand awareness, improve digital presense and ensure your business makes the most of the digital tools available today.

If I wasn’t helping others with Digital Marketing, I’d do it for free. I do it it because I love it.

I’ve been inspired by designs I see every moment of the day, and always look around for trends, colours and designs. Throughout my career I have learned how to listen to people, work hard and never stop until the job is done.

I use my technology background to good effect.

When I started web design & development, my technology background in I.T. was very useful and now I add to those skills with business development and digital marketing services.

Put it all together and that’s what makes me a great web designer.

I think through the purpose of a website, use my design skill to make it look great and use my technical skills to bring it to life. All while using best practices to make sure it functions well and keeps your business safe online.

When I work, I love nothing more than helping people bring their business using my digital skills and experience.